2 students wearing safety glasses engages with wood and other materials
Second year students work on their projects during the 3D Fundamentals class held in the Makerspace in Ryder Hall.

Our Student Team

These spaces are for students, supported by students from how to use equipment to where to sign up for a training. Connect with our talented, dynamic student team members to jumpstart a new creative endeavor or to ask them about what they’re working on. Because here, everyone is making something new.

Our Global Staff

We are bonded by our common mission to invest, support, and ignite the creativity and innovation of our global student body. Our professional staff is here for the hard lifts, the easy questions, and the new ideas and requests from our students around the world.

Our Community

Within these walls and buzzing online is a community so vibrant and giving that support is all around you. So lean on the viewpoints and experience of your fellow makers in the space, or online to catalyze a global feedback loop.

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Student engages with tools in a makerspace
Northeastern student works on a millimeter wave imaging unit which detects concealed objects, in the Egan Engineering/Science Research Center.
Student wearing safety glasses engages with woodworking equipment at a wood shop
Second year student works on her project during the 3D Fundamentals class held in the Makerspace in Ryder Hall.

“I am most excited to learn through other people in the space. Everyone approaches projects from a different perspective. The diversity that comes with a free and inclusive space {like the Makerspace at EXP} creates a ton of learning experiences.”

~Jess W., Student staff at EXP