It depends on the makerspace! Check the page of an individual makerspace to ensure that it is open to you. The Makerspace at EXP is our Boston campus-wide makerspace, open to anyone, regardless of their experience or discipline of study! To use the space, students will have to complete a 30 minute Orientation, which our Explorers offer frequently. Please check the training schedule or stop by our space to attend an Orientation.

To use equipment, students will have to demonstrate competency OR complete a training session. We have three different levels of credentials a student may receive upon completion of training: Novice, Independent, and Advanced. All levels allow a student to use equipment, although only Independent and Advanced allow a student Husky card access into our specialized equipment rooms.

View our full equipment and materials list here! Each equipment page will show you more information about the equipment, how to use it, how to get trained on it, and where you can find it. Please stop by a makerspace in person to see the most up to date inventories of the smaller tools and consumables.

No; share your in-progress work on our website to get feedback from our global community!

You can also stop by in-person to get feedback on your project.

The vast majority of Northeastern makerspace equipment is free to use! Please check an individual makerspace’s pricing guidelines for more information on how we price equipment usage and consumables.

It depends on the makerspace! Most spaces will prioritize students and teams who are actively working on projects, though some makerspaces on campus encourage use of the space even when you’re not working on a project.

Of course. Check out our training calendar here. Our staff is here to help you with specific questions you may have as well.

Yes. Stop by a makerspace in-person to talk to staff about questions you may have on how to move forward with a project or just to learn how to use a piece of equipment. We have a diverse workforce and thus have expertise on many, many subjects! Online, you can post your work-in-progress projects and the Northeastern global community can leave comments.