Spiral Binding Machine DIY Training

Spiral binding machines are essential tools in the realm of document finishing, providing a professional and durable binding solution for a variety of materials. These machines offer a versatile and convenient way to bind reports, presentations, manuals, and other documents with a spiral coil.

Safety Considerations

  • Place the machine on a stable and safe place before using. 
  • Do not punch more than 20 sheets of paper at a time or the machine will break.
  • Do not force the machine beyond a reasonable amount.
  • Empty the waste paper after use

Binding is a 2-Step Process

Punching Holes

Pull the Apothem (edge adjuster) to adjust the distance between the holes and the edge of the paper. 

If you have a paper size different from the current setting, loosen then move the limit block. 

Put in the paper, sliding it until it meets resistance.

Press the handle to punch holes, then release it.

Binding Documents

Plug in the machine.

Twist the spiral ring into the documents to start.

Line up the spiral ring to the barrel on top of the machine.

While holding the documents close to the barrel, press the button to start binding.

Stop when all the paper is all bound.

If the binding goes too far and one side is not bound, either rotate it back by hand or flip the documents over and repeat this step from the new orientation.

To remove excess binding, take the crimper and cut it by putting the binding into the side without the red dot.

To crimp the ends, put the tip of the spiral ring into the red dot side of the crimper and bend the ring. It should be bent enough that it will prevent the binding from spinning off.