Heat press

Heat Press User Guide

Our heat press machine is used for pressing designs onto t-shirts and other types of natural fabrics. Multicolored designs can be printed using an ink-jet printer onto special transfer paper. The combination of heat and steady pressure from the machine will transfer a design onto fabric. This is an easy way to decorate fabrics.

Safety Considerations

  • Be wary of heat: Like the name suggests, the machine works by heating and pressing transfer paper. This means that the plates pressing against the fabric will get very hot. Never touch the plates when they are heating or cooling down.

Machine Anatomy

Heat press with parts notated, see "Machine Anatomy" for parts and descriptions, Northeastern Makerspaces

Machine Operation

  1. Pull the heat plate up, then turn on the machine.
  2. Adjust the temperature.
    • Press the Mode Select button located in the center of the Control Panel. The (SET) and (TEMP) lights located next to the display will illuminate indicating you are in the adjust temperature mode. 
    • Press the (-) button located to the left of the Mode Select button to lower the temperature setting, or press the (+) button located to the right of the Mode Select button to raise the temperature setting. The temperature can be set from 205° F (96° C) to 430° F (220° C). 
    • The temperature you need depends on your fabric and your paper, so be prepared to do some experimentation.
  3. Adjust the time. Press the Mode Select button again.
    • The set and time lights will turn on. Adjust the time with the same +/- keys, then  push the Mode Select button again to exit the time settings. All lights will be off and the press will return to the Print Mode.
    • Adjust the pressure by turning the knob clockwise to increase pressure and counter clockwise to decrease pressure.
    • Once the press reaches the temperature you set, position the garment and transfer paper.
    • Lower and lock the heat plate into the press position. This procedure will start the automatic timing process.
    • The timer will automatically count down and audibly signal you to lift the heat plate into the “UP” position when the press cycle is complete. The timer automatically resets.