Person using a serging machine Close up of serged edge

Serging Machine

With a serger, you can achieve a professional serged hem on any of your project! A serged hem is how most commercially produced clothes are finished on the inside. This keeps your clothes from fraying once the fabric is sewn together. Our serger has a blade on the edge to slice off any excess fabric before it reaches the needles in the machine, which allows for perfectly serged edges. Loading thread into the machine is a complicated process, and if you want to rethread the machine with the color of your choice, you should allot at least half an hour to do so.

Models at EXP

Juki MO-654 DE (x1): While we carry multiple thread colors, we will usually keep grey loaded onto our machine.

Safety Considerations

  • Take care with blades: The blades that cut off the edges of your fabric are very sharp and fast moving; take care when manuvering your fabric through it.